Brokers Increase Participation In Home Loan Market

26.02.16 | Marc Barlow | News

Home loan brokers are continuing to increase their participation in the home loan market with recent news indicating that their involvement in new mortgages due to reach 60% this year.

This is welcome news for home loan borrowers who are seeking best value for money and it is also causing a shake-up in the mortgage market that has traditionally been dominated by the mainstream banking sector.

The Importance Of Brokers

Gerald Foley, who acts in the position of Managing Director at National Mortgage Brokers (nMB), has spoken about the recognised and growing role that brokers play and he is urging mainstream banks to adopt a more conciliatory approach when it comes to the matter of collaboration on new home loans.

Mr Foley is of the belief that the banks have no option but to co-operate with home loan brokers as to not do so does not make sense commercially or financially.

With more than half of new home loans likely to feature some broker involvement, this is business that the mainstream banks simply cannot miss out on.

The dominant banking sector has long kept its distance from brokers as they seek to dominate and take possession of the home loan market in its entirety.

But with customer behaviour pattern’s changing the role of the broker has become far more prominent due to the advanced opportunities and specialised services that they provide, which in turn gives them an advantage over the traditional banking sector.

Banks And Brokers Together

Mr Foley does acknowledge the vital role that banks continue to play with some services such as creating new products and developing new features, but he also believes that the role that brokers play is equally important and that they deserve their due recognition.

Mr Foley has also stated that banks need to change their attitudes and display a less hostile position towards home loan brokers, and to adopt a more egalitarian position which reflects modern customer attitudes and philosophies.