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“Mortgage Broker Melbourne's service was second to none. Their handling of the entire process from choosing the right loan provider through to settlement and beyond was incredible. There was constant communication and support in my first home loan experience, I couldn't be happier with them or recommend them more.” Raj, a happy client
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Mortgage Broker Melbourne brings to you 20 years of experience, combined with market leading software brings you a wide range of great lending options. Find out more

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We are qualified to give credit advice and are an accredited member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Request an appointment

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We have been operating in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs since 1999. We are not a huge corporate who spans the whole country, we are a flexible, boutique Melbourne business which offers a mobile service or the choice to meet us at one of several convenient CBD locations.

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Competitive Rates, Expert Guidance, Hassle Free.


Why use a mortgage broker? Simple, we do the legwork. You get expert advice and guidance with finding a hassle free, competitive mortgage. Plus, it’s completely free!

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home loan for you.

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Expert advice and guidance.
  • Hassle-free.

Our service is free.

Mortgage Broker Melbourne charge no fees. We are paid a commission by the lender you choose, which we fully disclose to you. (Lender and Govt fees and charges may be payable). We aim to save our clients money, taking the time to individually negotiate the best available rate rather than simply accepting the standard rate on offer.Learn more.

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Annual Loan Reviews

No loyalty tax: Getting a home loan is about finding the best deal at the start, however, lenders have a tendency to leave their clients collecting dust on the shelf while they offer new clients even better deals. We’re onto this all the time so our clients don’t have to be!

Yearly loan check-in: We persistently ask lenders to improve their offer to our clients at least every 12 months, more often in some cases. A good broker finds their client a great deal and keeps that deal great.

Find your next best deal: If lenders refuse to adjust their offer, we’re on hand with the software to analyse a multitude of alternatives and the knowledge to refinance them elsewhere on a regular basis, to keep our client in the best possible deal.


What is a mortgage broker?

A Mortgage Broker is an intermediary between the borrower and the lender who uses their knowledge and software to source competitive rates and facilitate a smooth process to settlement. The Mortgage Broker acts in the borrower’s best interests at all times and is their mortgage project manager, handling all the steps in the process and reporting back to the borrower at the various stages.

Why use a mortgage broker?

There are a wide range of mortgage products out there and it can be confusing to try and compare them all. A Mortgage Broker will help navigate through the options by explaining the differences between products and help the borrower choose a loan that suits their specific needs. Once a product is chosen, a Mortgage Broker will make sure things happen on time and the borrower is fully informed every step of the way.

What makes Mortgage Broker Melbourne different?

We have been working in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for 20 years and we have been carefully developing our system over that time to make sure our clients get the best possible outcome and service along the way. You only have to read the reviews left by our clients over the years to see why we are the most positively reviewed Mortgage Broker in Melbourne.

Does Mortgage Broker Melbourne charge fees?

We do not charge a fee for our service. We are paid a commission by the lender you choose which is fully disclosed to you at the outset (government and Lender fees and charges apply). Initially, your Mortgage Broker provides you with our Credit Guide, which outlines how we are remunerated generally. When you choose us to arrange your finance, we will provide our Credit Proposal Disclosure document which details the specific sum your lender will pay us after settlement of the loan. Our advice is based on what is best for the borrower and has nothing to do with what we are paid. It is our absolute priority that our clients are happy because we rely purely on their reviews and referrals to sustain our business. That is why we are still going after 20 years and will still be going in another 20!

What happens in my first meeting with Mortgage Broker Melbourne?

Mortgage Broker Melbourne starts by asking you to take 10 or 15 mins to complete our responsible lending questionnaire. Our questionnaire will provide your broker with all the information they need to start working on a plan that is aligned with your needs and objectives.

Your broker will then tee up a time to meet to go through the basics with you and show you some reports which will outline the interest rates and monthly repayments for your proposed mortgage.

In that meeting your broker will outline the differences between various types of home loan products like fixed vs variable rates or basic loans vs fully featured package deals. They will also discuss the pros and cons of smaller lenders vs bigger banks.

Your Melbourne broker will also talk to you about lender rules around different types of properties, such as small inner city units or converted warehouses, large acreage, etc. They will also offer free RP Data property reports on any place you are considering, to give you a valuable insight into that property, including recent comparable sales and an estimate of the value today.

They will also explain in full, the process involved, not just in applying for a mortgage but every single step you will take on your journey. Your Melbourne broker will explain how to make offers, what conditions to place on the contract, how long to set a finance clause or a settlement date.

Your broker will give you our Mortgage Broker Melbourne Handbook which details all the processes, step by step.

Our guide includes an explanation of all the different types of loan products, how to save interest, what is involved in lenders’ mortgage insurance, tips at auctions, and buying and selling. It really is a very informative booklet but your broker remains on hand to manage all these processes for you, of course!

After your first appointment with Mortgage Broker Melbourne you’ll feel glad you chose to engage a mortgage broker! We look forward to helping you buy a property or get a better rate!

Does a Broker just help me get to settlement or do they provide an ongoing service?

Mortgage Broker Melbourne doesn’t forget you after your loan has settled. We are paid an ongoing trailing commission by the lender you chose to continue to be there for you to answer any questions and perform modifications to your loan such as fixing or switching products.

Each year your broker will also review your loan to make sure it still suits your needs. We will also compare it with those on offer from other institutions and negotiate with your current lender for you, to see if we can secure a better rate from them for you.

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