How to spot a Motivated Seller pt 2

22.03.22 | Marc Barlow | Resources

How to spot a Motivated Seller pt 2

Identifying a motivated sale property

Sometimes an agent will tell you why the vendor is selling. Sometimes not.

While not foolproof, here are five signals that you might be dealing with a motivated vendor:

  1. Shorter settlement terms

In Victoria, it’s common to see settlement terms (the time between to sale and the actual transfer of ownership) set at two, three, or even four months. If you see 30, 45 or 60-day settlements, it’s a good indication that the vendor really wants to sell and settle ASAP.

  1. A short campaign

If there’s only a few weeks between the property hitting the market and the auction date, the vendor is probably in a hurry.

  1. Vendor doesn’t live locally

If documents such as the Section 32 show that the vendor lives a long way away (possibly interstate or overseas) it’s another clue that they may just be looking to get the sale done, and are not simply testing the market.

  1. Empty property

If you inspect a property (particularly an apartment or unit) and it’s empty, it’s a possible indication that a rental lease has ended or the occupier has left abruptly.

  1. Staging furniture

If the décor looks like a display home, the coffee table is spotless, and there are no extension cords running everywhere, it’s probably vacant. Check the pantry, fridge and bathroom cupboards. You’ll soon know if someone’s really living there or if it’s empty.


Early offers and ‘cooling off’

One trick that many Victorian purchasers aren’t aware of is that – like an auction itself – any offer made in the three days prior to or after an auction doesn’t have a ‘cooling off’ period. In a private sale, or an early offer on a property headed to auction, consumer law gives purchasers a cooling off period of three business days, during which time they can change their minds and back out of a purchase. (Please seek independent legal advice for your specific circumstances, of course).

At an auction, and for the three days prior to and post the auction, there is no cooling off period. Vendors love the surety of an unconditional purchase. So the days leading up to an auction are a great time to pounce with a compelling offer. The vendor gets a guaranteed sale and avoids some of the costs of an auction. And the purchaser gets a chance at buying a property with little or no competition.

And even if you want to make an offer earlier, make sure you have your finances sorted; vendors love offers with no conditions attached (e.g. ‘subject to finance’).


Follow the clues

While it’s not easy to really know the motivation of a seller, some of these tips might give you some confidence if it comes to negotiating a price. Motivated sellers are looking for a fair result, not a life-changing windfall.


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